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Soon the leaves will begin to turn and the days are growing shorter, but lest we forget that summer is not actually over until September 22nd. So, my friends, please slow your roll with the apple picking and all things pumpkin spice!

There are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy warm weather and sunny days. One of the best ways to do so is by indulging in a classic summer treat: freeze pops. Delicious and refreshing, freeze pops are the perfect way to cool down on a hot day. According to a recent study, blue raspberry is Pennsylvania’s favorite flavor of freeze pop. For those that reside in NJ, I’m so very sorry… I kid, I kid. What is New Jersey’s favorite flavor?  Same, blue raspberry. It is actually the most popular flavor nationwide. Sure, you have some outliers like Nevada where they prefer grape and in Utah, the favorite is cherry.

The team at Shane Co. wanted to know more about the Summertime staple. They surveyed 2,000+ Americans on flavor preferences, terminology, adding alcohol, and more. The results of the survey showed some interesting regional differences. For example, people from the Northeast typically call them freeze pops, while the Midwest and the South prefer simplicity and opt to call them popsicles. The West Coast, on the other hand, calls the sweet treat Otter Pops, which is a well-known brand based in California. Each flavor is named after a fun cartoon character with its own unique personality and style, like Alexa the Ultra-Pop or Sir Isaac Lime. No matter what you call them, one thing is for sure: they are a delicious way to beat the heat!

freeze pop

What if that popsicle could also give you a buzz? That’s the idea behind “boozy pops,” which have become increasingly popular in recent years. Though they can be made with any type of alcohol, most boozy pops include vodka. The vodka helps to prevent the pops from freezing solid, while also giving them a slightly creamy texture. And of course, it also adds a kick to the flavor. If you’re looking for a summer treat that’s a little bit naughty, boozy pops are the perfect choice. Just be sure to eat them in moderation – they can pack quite a punch.

Click here for the whole study.

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