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Wednesday, March 15, 2023 Rundown

[00:02:55] The Entertainment Report. Lindsay Lohan announces she’s pregnant as she posts a onesie on Instagram and captions it “Coming soon.” Quentin Tarantino reveals he is in the makes of his 10th movie called “The Movie Critic” and announces this will be his last movie. Gwyneth Paltrow reveals she has used ozone therapy, rectally and recommends it. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson reunite after True detective in a new comedy series & more. 

[00:40:25] Stream of Consiousnessour. The gang talks about how Lowes stores in Philadelphia a 5-foot-tall security robot outside that will now be able to detect and prevent theft. Oprah’s favorite water bottle, the Bindle Bottle, is being recalled after dangerous levels of lead were found in it. A bill has been reintroduced in the House of Representatives that challenges the 5 day/40 hour work week. The gang talks about their personal opinions on having a day off and which day they would prefer. 

[01:18:18] The Bizarre File.  A 39-year-old Florida woman faces a battery charge for hitting her boyfriend in the eye with an avocado. 3 hikers in south Africa sustain broken legs following an attack by a baboon that rolled a boulder towards them. Free diver set a world record after diving into Lake Sils in Switzerland swam freezing cold more than 50 meters in the freezing cold water.  

[01:43:16] Babysitters vs Nannies. The gang talks about the average babysitting wage in Philadelphia and about their personal experiences with both good and bad babysitters. The gang takes calls from longtime babysitters, and they tell us about their experiences bonding with the family, the kids, and their expectations. The gang also talk about being a babysitter compared to being a nanny, and even a male nanny. 

[02:40:37]. Preparing for Florida. The gang is excited to be in Clearwater, Florida this weekend for Spring Training. The gang is extra excited to see some alligators down in the area and other exotic animals. The gang mentions they like seeing animals around, especially baby animals. The gang reveals they will be meeting with Rhys Hoskins, Brandon Marsh, and more as they broadcast live with the Phillies. 

[03:11:00] The Bizarre File. Tik Toker influencer plans a trip to Budapest with her friend, but later realizes they booked a flight called Bucharest in Romania. A man had his favorite pair of Nike shoes tattooed on his feet so he can be leaving the house always wearing them. 18 female prison guards were fired and resigned after sexual accusations including intimacy and smuggling in underwear. A failed carjacker stole a car at gunpoint and then got stuck by packing into a utility pole. Preston says he hates it when his friends have tricky driveways. 

[03:31:12] Hollywood Trash and Music News. Carrie Underwood surprised her audience when she welcomed Axl Rose on the stage. Queen guitarist Brian May was knighted by King Charles at Buckingham Palace. Metallica acquired Furnace, one of the largest vinyls pressing plant companies. Carmine Appice opened up about Motley Crue’s Mick Mars experience and how Mick wasn’t happy touring and with the band members. 

[03:51:34] The Wrap-Up. Tomorrow the gang will be heading to Clearwater, Florida after the show to broadcast live at Spring Training with the Phillies on Friday. The gang wraps up with Pierre joining the studio.