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Tuesday, May 23, 2023 Rundown

[00:00:34] Entertainment Report. Things got heated on The View after Whoopie Goldberg gave co-host Sunny Hostin a lap dance. Jeff Bezos and long-time girlfriend Lauren Sanchez are engaged. Paris Hilton’s 23-year-old Chihuahua passed away. Punisher star Ray Stevenson passed away on Sunday. Vin Diesel said that Fast & Furious spin offs are on the way. 

[00:34:21] Animal Bites. Following a shark attack at the Jersey Shore, the gang talks about things that have bitten them. Listeners call in with their bizarre and exotic animal attack stories. 

[1:15:37] The Bizarre Files. A man lost his arm after being attacked by an alligator. Water Buffaloes stampeded an English couple’s backyard and swam in their pool. A cyclist was rounding a downhill corner when he slammed into a black bear.   

[01:34:54] Maggie Drozdowski Calls into the Show. Maggie was the victim of the shark attack that occurred in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. She talked about the experience itself, as well as the aftermath. 

[02:13:12] Stream of Consciousnessner. John Wayne angers its passengers more than any other American airport. Sci-Fi author created 97 books in 9 months with the help of AI. Netflix is making improvements in the My List. WhatsApp now allows for message editing now. 

[03:05:57] The Bizarre Files. Japanese people are signing up for smiling classes to relearn how to smile post-covid. Police in Rhode Island released footage of the arrest of a council member who passed out behind the wheel while holding a glass pipe. A man passed away after getting hit by a car while he was helping a family of ducks. 

[03:25:14] Hollywood Trash and Music News. Rage against the machine will be inducted to the R&R HOF. It was their 5th time nominated and finally made it in. Tool singer Maynard James Keenan wore drag to their recent concert in Florida as a statement against Ron DeSantis. Master of puppets being in Stranger Things opened the door for a new generation of Metallica fans. 30 years after splitting from The Rolling Stones, Bill Wyman said that he made the right decision to leave the band.   

[03:44:23] The Wrap Up. Preston thanks our guests. Pierre joins the show. Letter of the Day. A look ahead at Pierre’s show. Preston thanks our sponsors. Rage on!