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Today (May 24) marks the birthday of the Voice of a Generation: Bob Dylan. Born Robert Allen Zimmerman in 1941, he’s put out 39 studio albums, 96 singles, 18 EPs and more since his career began in the early 60s.

His prolific output has spawned countless mimics, all with the intention of honoring his legacy and harnessing his inspiration to create more art that fosters change in the world… but one imitator stands out above the rest.

The 2007 comedy Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story stars John C. Reilly as the titular character who takes us on a hilarious romp through the history of rock n’ roll while skewering musical biopics like Walk the Line and Ray. At one point in the film, Dewey Cox enters his ‘protest phase,’ and writes about… well, we’re having a hard time deciphering the gibberish. Is the “toaster oven” a metaphor for “the establishment”? Is the “mouse” meant to represent injustice? And what do Dewey’s parents think of his protest songs?


Reilly’s homage to Dylan, while goofy, is so accurate in tone and structure that you can’t help but laugh. Plus, the two of them share a birthday, which makes this spoof feel even more fitting.

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