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Thursday, May 25, 2023 Rundown

[00:00:36] Entertainment Report. Tina Turner passed away at the age of 86 yesterday in Switzerland. Rita Wilson said her husband Tom Hanks yelled at a worker on the red carpet. Clip of photo shows. Rachel Ray hosted her final episode of her cooking show yesterday and is taking a break from TV appearances.  Fromer Phillies player Shane Victorino suited up for the Savanah bananas, a Tik Tok baseball team that dances. 

[00:39:04] Junk Drawer. Researcher Fransica Feast studies groups of seagulls and found 48% of the time the birds will steal food when human behavior is involved. A paralyzed man regained the ability to walk. In the USA, it’s 25% more expensive to buy a home than rent, except for these 4 places. 

[01:16:38] Bizarre File. A woman who was a licensed gun owner shot and wounded a man in the groin during a road rage confrontation. A man who asked Reddit for advice on how to cover his dumb tattoo, was praised to keep it after he turned into a meme. Bryan Johnson recruited his son and father to participate in a tri generational blood ritual where they swap each other blood. 

[01:38:11] The Connoisseur.  A new Wawa in Delaware is giving away free coffee today for their opening day. Wendys is testing new technology for delivering food. A Tik Tok account for a Dairy Queen location in Michigan shared that cherry cone dip for ice cream will be discontinued. A survey of 25,000 people was conducted for the best baked potato toppings. Denny’s brought back their super slammer breakfast. 

[02:27:00] Andy Haynes joins the gang in the studio.  Andy Haynes talks about Kennett Square, skiing, Long Island Express, and viral moments in his career. He also discusses he and his wife’s new baby on the way and gaining ten pounds during her pregnancy. Andy is performing at Punchline Philly this weekend.  

[03:07:01] Bizarre File. Louisiana 12-year-old boy hospitalized by speeding truck. A Kiwi bird is not allowed to be pet anymore at the Miami Zoo. 19-year-old girls at the airport wear their clothes to avoid paying baggage fees. Man is arrested in connection with placing screws along a busy road. An alligator entered a donkey pen and tried to blend in.  

[03:23:15] Hollywood Trash and Music News. The legendary Tina Turner died at the age of 83 due to a lung related illness. Greta Van Fleet shared the official performance video for ‘Sacred of Thread’ for their new album Star Catcher. Billy Corgan is taking a look at AI and says it will change music forever. HULU will be streaming the documentary of Imagine Dragons in Las Vegas. Filter front man reveals new album ‘Algorithm’ is set to come out in August. 

[03:48:00] The Wrap-Up. The gang wraps up with Pierre joining the studio.