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Royal Blood are scaling the summit with a new song called “Mountains at Midnight.”

The UK duo posted a visual for the track, which will appear on their fourth album Back to the Water Below. A heavily distorted riff drives an irresistible groove, a combo that’s become the signature sound for Ben Thatcher and Mike Kerr. Stream the song below.


Back to the Water Below, which the band opted produce themselves, will arrive on September 8th. Mike explained in an interview, “Ben and I know each other so well, and this record was about being honest with each other. Self-producing it forced us to do things that came naturally to us. Sometimes having a producer, although with good intentions, pushes you to go to territories you wouldn’t normally go to. Obviously that can really serve for progression, but for us it’s also about doing something that is inherently what you would do…. Whenever we do something really honest, it’s musically very powerful.”

Royal Blood are no strangers to Philadelphia; in fact, their very first U.S. radio appearance was on the Preston & Steve Show in 2014. Since then they’ve performed at MMRBQ, returned to our studios for live interviews, and appeared virtually at Camp Out For Hunger.

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