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What happens when you die? We do our best to solve this mystery and explain this new trend! Unfortunately, that might mean we ALSO have to look in the mirror in the morning…


We’re all gonna die. You, me, and everyone reading this. It’s a sad reality, but it’s a reality nonetheless. So what happens when you die? It is now (and probably always will be) one of life’s great mysteries!

Now, there’s a new wellness trend that purports to be helping people unravel the mystery. “Death Meditation” is a mindfulness practice where people wrap themselves up as mummies and picture their dead bodies to help them come to terms with their eventual death. Does it work? Who knows? But it’s still fun to talk about!

And hey, if you need a video guide, those exist too! Because of course, they do.


Pennsylvania Haunted House Named the No. 1 Scariest in America

The leaves are starting to change colors in Pennsylvania, and spooky season is officially here. When it comes to haunted houses and haunts, Pennsylvania has some great ones. As it turns out, one local haunted house has been named the No. 1 scariest in America.

The crew at has unleashed its annual “Hauntworld Top 13 List,” which highlights the 13 best haunted houses in the U.S., according to their tally. is the world’s biggest directory of haunted attractions, boasting more than 4,000 haunt listings. has been publishing it’s Top 13 Scariest Haunted Houses list for roughly two decades.

“Every October, thrill seekers travel the country looking to visit the scariest haunted attractions in America,” they state in the study. They add, “Today many websites publish haunted house best of lists, for click bait, despite never attending or researching any of the attractions on their list. Hauntworld is the leader, creating content for the haunted attraction industry, publishing the industry’s only magazine, Hauntworld Magazine, and how to videos with educational content for attraction owners. Hauntworld knows the haunted attractions and which haunts will make you scream!”

You’ll find a variety of haunts on this list. “This year’s top 13 lists includes haunts in real haunted asylums to others built into abandoned concrete factories to old turn of the century school houses or deep in the woods where no one will hear you scream!” Hauntworld states. “This year’s list of the best and scariest haunted attractions has something for every traveling thrill seeker.”

What’s more, many Americans actually make a fall vacation out of visiting the best haunts in America, so having a haunted house on this list could bring tourism. Read on for Hauntworld’s 13 best haunted houses in America, and not that one Pennsylvania one is actually the No. 1 in the nation. Happy haunting.

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