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After the first couple of times Bert Kreischer came to The Preston & Steve Show Studio we made an in-house rule to always have a camera person snapping pictures for the entire length of his unpredictable, outrageous, sometimes scandalous, always shocking visit.

Bert Kreischer at Santander Arena, Apr, 27th

So, we dug through our archives and created an ultimate photo ranking of Bert’s appearances on The Preston & Steve Show:

  • #8  October 8, 2015 

    Bert had come directly off a red eye flight from LA to Philly into the studio. Wearing his neck pillow as a hat, he was chugging that coffee for one main purpose: to have an empty cup and move on to something stronger.

  • #7  May 29, 2014

    The inaugural red eye adventure. This visit was on the tamer side, but it was also historic as it was the first update to Bert’s 3 year, on-going alcohol wall.

  • #6  ‎January ‎13, ‎2012

    Records indicate this was the first time we met The Machine. It was also our Intern Steve Vassalotti’s last day. They took off their clothes and did shots of Captain Morgan.

  • #5  June 20, 2013

    We were prepared with mini liquor bottles for Bert’s visit, he drank them all before 9am. The evidence was displayed proudly on our wall. Little did he know that those bottles would remain untouched until his next visit. Another surprise for Bert that day: Courtney Love.

  • #4 October 6, 2016

    Bert’s most iconic interview on The Preston & Steve Show. The photos from this day have formed a life of their own: Joe Rogan and Tom Segura have turned them into memes, no one can un-see that butt photo and Bert cast himself in an M. Night Shyamalan movie (still pending).

  • #3 March 3, 2020

    Days before the country shut down for COVID-19, we noticed that Bert was only a couple hours away from Jack Frost Mountain and if anyone needed to experience Cardboard Classic, it’s him. After his show the night before, Bert’s crew drove all night, made a sled along the way, and met us at the top of the tubing hill for one epic ride.

  • #2 February 8, 2018

    The man made it to the Eagles Super Bowl Parade! He happened to be in town scouting out locations for his Netflix special and we happened to be broadcasting on The Parkway an eye shot away from the Art Museum. Further proof that this man IS the real Van Wilder.

  • #1 May 5, 2016

    The top moment goes to the day Bert become Kathy’s godfather. We googled things you need for a Quinceañera and godfather was on the list. We called up The Machine and he promptly replied, “f–k yeah,” and the rest is history.

  • BONUS: Jul 29, 2019

    Bert slept for maybe a total of three hours then joined CaseyBoy and Team WMMR for the 65 mile Ben to the Shore Bike Tour.

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