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MMR Listener, John McCall, sent in this photo he snapped of Logan's winning billboard on Rt 30 in Berlin, New Jersey

Last October, Weezer rolled out a fan contest called Weezerween. It came shortly after releasing Autumn, the third album in their SZNZ series. The request was simple: put your pumpkin decorating skills on the line and win a personal billboard message from the band.

Two winners were announced one month later via the band’s social media. The post included a video of a double decker pumpkin with flickering lights, working speakers and the band, in mini pumpkin form, playing a gig. The second was a painting of the classic Blue Album, with pumpkin head versions of Rivers, Patrick, Brian and Matt. One of the winners is from Wisconsin, the other is our neighbor, a New Jersey fan!

Without much pomp and circumstance, the NJ winner’s prize was showed up on Route 30 in Berlin last week. It reads, “Hi Logan, this is your billboard. We hope you like it. – Weezer.”

Who is Logan? Does he like his billboard? The MMR family would love to meet this local Weezer celeb. Check out photos of the pumpkin below and the unique story behind the design.