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In our early morning Zoom with director Zack Snyder we discussed the “new” Justice League trailer that was coming out today. He enlightened us that the original Hallelujah-trailer was pulled over the summer over a technicality. The I’s were incorrectly crossed and T’s dotted which meant the studio didn’t have rights to the moody Leonard Cohen song playing over the clip.

That tiny detail was corrected and trailer is back on the internet today with a few extra shots added:

The only date we know as of now is “early 2021” but there is tons of other content to keep you on this Justice League wagon: a shot-by-shot pull through of the trailer was released  VERO app AND our 30 minute interview with Zack this morning live from Camp Out For Hunger. Take a listen:

Zack Snyder ("Live" from Camp Out For Hunger 2020) - Preston & Steve's Daily Rush

Zack Snyder shares some details about the Justice League #SnyderCut and Preston & Steve geek out.Preston and Steve on 93.3 WMMR

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