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VIDEO: 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia Wins Marconi Award For Rock Station Of The Year

We are the champions, OF THE [rock] WORLD! On October 25, 2023, The National Association of Broadcasters hosted the Marconi Radio Awards. In attendance at the award show was 93.3 WMMR Program Director, Bill Weston. He was representing not just the people behind the microphone at WMMR. He was there on behalf of the entire Greater Philadelphia region. Specifically, every single person who has ever tuned in to MMR. Bill relayed that message when he humbly accepted the award for 2023 Rock Station of the Year. Although this was an extra special moment for Bill - more on that in a moment - it was not his first trip to the podium. In 2018, our acclaimed Program Director accepted the same award three weeks after WMMR's 50th anniversary celebration. In his speech that year, Bill pointed out the station's rich history. "Since 1968, MMR's been playing new music. We opened up the wrappings on this White Album [and] Disraeli Gears. People were scratching their heads.  [Now] we're playing the new Record Company and The Revivalists and The Struts." The A+ speech thanked the talent from then and now, but most importantly, it dedicated the award to the listeners. MMR also won in 2005, just a few months into the job for Bill. In the Fall, Bill Weston announced that he will be retiring from radio at the end of 2023. His twenty years at WMMR mark the end of his forty five year career in radio. Damn, we're going to miss the guy. As Bill stood in front of his peers for one last time as PD of the best rock station he only had one person in mind: The listener. Thank YOU, Philadelphia. The heart of the speech was focused around a statement from Jeff Pollack who served as WMMR's Program Director from 1978-80. During a visit to the radio station in August 2023, Jeff pointed out to Bill, “Isn’t it great that the people of Philadelphia have supported this radio station for so long?” "So it’s really about the fans," Bill concluded. "Thank you to the radio fans, the radio listeners and the rock fans and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania." [embed][/embed] That "gadzooks" you hear mid speech is from Bill's daughter Jade. Longtime Preston & Steve Show listeners may recall the first time we met Jade on the air. It was 2011 when she brought her harp into the studio to play during an interview with Bradley Cooper.  The words that won. How do you summarize everything that WMMR is in 200 words or less? You ask the wordsmith, Lora Lewis, to help and she creates this beautiful entry: America’s longest running rocker plays everything from our 1968 launch through today, Hendrix and the Stones, Starcrawler and Dorothy- a library so deep the Labor Day A-Z lasts two weeks without a repeat.  Radio Hall of Famers Preston & Steve, the legendary Pierre Robert (42 years at MMR), Brent, Jacky Bam Bam and the rest are part of the city’s culture, visible and relatable local characters, loved as family.  WMMR’s Philly soundtrack, at home, work and play.   Workforce Blocks. You Call It weekends.  The Coolest Teacher contest.  Jacky’s Santa Tracker.  We’re at the stadium before and after the show.   Rock’s always a click away - WMMR leads in digital on-demand programming with audio-visual music, podcasts and station events. WMMR events bring the community together, for fun at an MMRBQ or for a real cause.  2022’s Camp Out For Hunger delivered 2.8+ million pounds of food and a million+ in cash thanks to the listeners and WMMR loyal, invested clients.  They’re here for Casey’s Ride to the Shore for first responders, the ACS Bike-a-thon and Kathy’s Cuts.  Results?  Preston and Steve have been #1 for 18 years. WMMR wins every daypart.   WMMR - Everything That Rocks Philadelphia.  [select-gallery gallery_id="891618" syndication_name="mmrs-55th-anniversary-photo-gallery" description="no"]

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