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From that time we waited all day to talk to Tom Cruise and only got a 90 second interview, to making cleaning product bombs in the empty office next door, Casey flashing his butthole to Marc Summers, turkey vultures, explanding Camp Out for Hunger, to that time we waited all day to talk to Tom Cruise – we’ve experienced a lot since moving down the dial to 93.3.

May 16th is the anniversary of our first show at WMMR after leaving Y100. If you are not aware of the whole story, the owners of Y100 were planning on flipping the format of the radio station, we found out and starting looking for a new home.  It wasn’t the other way around like some people like to say. And while we absolutely miss what was our first home together for the first eight years, we also recognize what the MMR team has done to help us grow.

So let’s flashback to The Preston & Steve Show’s first broadcast on 93.3 WMMR, May 16, 2005:

Description: News. Listener phone calls. Birthdays. Entertainment News. Jose visits and plays What You Say Jose Game. Listener e-mails. Bizarre file. U2 concert recap. Young people having heart attacks. Hollywood trash. Thank yous and more listener phone calls. Music news. Lesson question. Bizarre file. Incidentals. Letter of the day.

Thank you to Dan and the team at who have been archiving our podcasts longer then we have. They made it easy to add the  second show here too when we got right back into the grove after a few weeks off by talking about playing video games online (whoa, what a concept in 2005) and getting whacked in the nuts: