Preston & Steve’s Camp Out For Hunger

It was announced late Friday morning by the family of Eddie Money that their father, husband and friend passed away from esophageal cancer. News & updates available here

The year was 2011, The Preston & Steve Show was set up in the parking of the Metro Plex in Plymouth Meeting collecting donations for Philabundance. It was the same Camp Out for Hunger you know now, just a little smaller.

Already that week Bill Clement had shaved off his mustache, Scott Hartnell & Claude Giroux arrived via helicopter, in one day John Waite, Steel Panther & 311 performed in the tent, and it was suddenly Friday. Amidst all the guests that were coming by that year, there was one in particular who  we were all really looking forward to and now, looking back, stood out as a highlight of 21 year history of the food drive: Eddie Money.

The interview that began with Kathy playing her infamous “just like Ronnie said” voicemails (all of them!) and the excitement grew from there. What a guy! Flashback to that day: Friday, December 2, 2011

Just like Ronnie says…