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The War on Drugs return to Philly! They are spending Thursday (1/27) & Friday (1/28) nights at The Met.

From Casey: The last time I saw The War on Drugs was at the Tower, right after the release of their Grammy winning album, A Deeper Understanding. I don’t know how they ended up on my radar, but they did right before they released the first single off of their 2017 album.

The first song I ever heard from them is called “Red Eyes”, off of their 2014 album, Lost in a Dream.  I was immediately in love with their sound!

I was so grateful to talk to Adam Granduciel about his early days in Philly.  During our conversation, embedded below, he fondly remembers performing at Johnny Brenda’s as well as many other staples in the Philly music universe.  He also is very candid on how their songs are created and also laments on what it is like to play songs over and over to new audiences.

Adam’s success is not lost on him. He shows gratitude as he reflects on the point in time when he morphed from a bouncer at O’Neills into a professional musician.  It was my pleasure to talk to… but more to listen to Adam talk about his passion.