When you spend as many days on the road as Chris Jericho, all of the patterned hotel rugs and abstract art begins to look the same. When he’s visiting seven different cities in a week, it’s not even worth trying to remember the ever changing hotel floor that he is staying on. That’s why Chris offered up this handy travel trip: Text yourself the number of the hotel room that you’re staying in. 

It’s better (and safer) than trying to write it on the hotel key and less embarrassing then asking the concierge. More tips: skip the robe, always put the exact amount of water in the mini coffee maker and hit the ice machine early in preparation for a post-show drink. You earned it. Oh, and throw one of those tiny body washes in your toiletry bag, you earned that too.

Chris is currently on the road with his band, Fozzy, in support of their new album due out May 6th. While on the East Coast leg of their cross country tour, the MMRBQ-alum insisted on stopping at 93.3 WMMR/Philly to visit The Preston & Steve Show for an early morning hang.

For the record, he shared a lot more than travel tips. For instance, the album may be called Boombox, but the working title was Chinese Fozzocracy because it took so damn long for them to put it out. Also, on this tour, Chris has been channeling his inner Anthony Kiedis by performing on stage without a shirt on for the first time ever with Fozzy. Speaking of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Fozzy crew has been streaming their new album on the tour bus.

Stream the Chris Jericho’s entire interview with The Preston & Steve Show below to find out who he thinks is the best frontman of all time:

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