Brent Celek dropped by the studio to talk all things Eagles, but we had a little surprise for him. We set up an ultimate Madden showdown matching up the virtual Eagles and the virtual 49ers. His opponent? None other than CaseyBoy’s son Seamus. The look on Brent’s face was priceless. 

  • The Game:

    The two took to the Acme Lounge to play four quarters of video game football. Seamus entered the experience confident, and Brent was pretty much with him. Brent hadn’t played Madden since college, essentially, meanwhile Seamus plays pretty much every day. We were convinced Seamus would score 1000 points on Brent. 

    Brent played as the Eagles while Seamus played as the 49ers, our real-life opponent on Sunday. Straight out the gate, literally first play of the game, Brent’s Eagles scored a touchdown. Seamus responded immediately with a 49ers touchdown, but he missed the extra point, leaving the score 7-6 Eagles.  

    Now the superstitious part of us definitely wanted the Madden Eagles to pull out a win, because, well, it’s the Eagles. And this upcoming game is a big deal. Another part of us quietly didn’t want to see a 15-year-old get crushed by the one and only Brent Celek, while the devil on our shoulder wanted to see Seamus beat Brent at his own game… literally.  

  • First To Score Wins?

  • The Results:

    Brent’s virtual Eagles pulled out every stop. Interceptions, tricky run plays, and some unfortunate over-throwing by virtual Brock Purdy left the Eagles with a comfortable 36-12 lead at the half. What was this about not playing since college, Brent? Sandbagging, huh? 

    The third and fourth quarters saw even more fire from the Eagles, with only two more scores by the 49ers. The game came to an end with Brent’s Eagles winning against Seamus’ 49ers 78-24. Talk about brutal. 

    This amazing matchup ended well for Brent, but we’re proud of Seamus for putting up a good fight. Let’s hope that this home game on Sunday against the real 49ers ends the same way. Let’s get this win and a trip to Super Bowl 57! Thank you, Brent and Seamus, for helping to make our morning so fun.  

  • In the End, Everyone's a Winner

    The genesis of this Madden faceoff was to give away a pair of tickets to Sunday’s NFC Championship game that were provided by our friends as Dunkin’. Congrats to Donna from Paoli who came out the real victor here by having the block that matched up to the final score. See all of the results here.

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