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We all have that friend. Someone who says “good luck” right before you approach the biggest moment of your life. Even if that friend meant for the message to be harmless, it still occupies an unwelcomed thought in your mind.

Apparently Zach Ertz is that friend.

Right before Jon Rahm teed off during the first round of The Masters, Zach sent a text message to their friend group. It went downhill very quickly before turning around.

  • Zack's well intended Message:

    To get to the beginning of the story, we have to start at the end. JJ Watt posted a screen shot of the text the Zach Ertz sent to their group text.

    Zach’s text read, “First hole green looks like a walk in the park.” But apparently looks can be deceiving.

  • Calling out a Super Bowl Champ

    After winning the whole damn tournament on Sunday afternoon, Jon called out his friend Zach on what had happened. At the podium, Jon told everyone that he had read the “walk in the park” text 10 minutes before tee time. He then approached the tee, made it on to the green, then took a four putts to finish the hole. Ouch. 

  • No Apologies!

    After being called out on National television, Zach jumped on Twitter to defend his well wishes. He wrote, “I apologize for absolutely nothing!”

    Considering his friend walked away with the Green Jacket, Zach pointed out that this just became a new tradition. He added, “You can expect these texts every major going forward my friend! Congratulations!”

  • Back to the Group Chat:

    Back to the group chat between Jon, JJ, and Zach. The text chain is called Birdies & Babies, and right before Zach’s text, JJ wrote, “Pretend you’re playing with Zach and I. You’ll set a course record.”

    First off, the proper grammar is Zach and me. Secondly, JJ did his fair share of gaslighting here too. In a side text chain between the Cardinals players JJ wrote to Zach, “I said pretend like you’re playing WITH us not like you’re playing LIKE us.”

    Wonder how Jon’s texts to the fellas read after the 4-13 season the Cardinals had this year…

  • More Football:


    Next to everything above, this may be the best moment to come out of the weekend:

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