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Just days ago, Team WMMR was less than $10,000 away from reaching their goal of raising $50,000 for the Families Behind the Badge Children’s Foundation as part of the Ben to the Shore Bike Tour.  Full disclosure, when Team Leader CaseyBoy set $50,000 as the team’s fundraising goal, he did not think that it was realistic to get there.

Then you did it! It was a pipedream, but with your help, they crossed the goal. So CaseyBoy decided to set a new goal: Team WMMR is currently in third place of in the Top Team Fundraiser tally. Help them get into second! Click here to donate. Thanks in advance! 

By the way, this isn’t an empty ask. Casey puts out phenomenal content to encourage donations. If you haven’t watched the latest video, stop what you’re doing and check it out:

Look back on Casey’s best Ben to the Shore posts:

Click here to donate or join Team WMMR