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Friday, September 23, 2022 Rundown:

[00:00:00] This is the Entertainment Report, and romance is in the air…and the family? Johnny Depp is confirmed to be dating one of his lawyers, Elizabeth Chambers is pulling some strings to get custody of her children, and Sylvester Stallone is…well…you’ll see.

[00:41:45] The Connoisseur covers some of the hottest social media food trends, both good and bad. The gang gives their thoughts on the likes of the “butter board” and “sleepy chicken,” as well as TV dinners and other current happenings in the hospitality industry. Casey’s Big Adventure continues, with Casey, Kyle, and Jacky on their way to Los Angeles.

[01:21:52] The Bizarre File brings you baffling ballads, courtesy of Preston Elliot. Agitated airplane passengers, dog-blaming drunk drivers, gambling boys and girls, and publicly indecent hip-hoppers are the focus of this edition.

[01:47:11] Hari Kondabolu joins the gang in the studio ahead of his shows at Helium Comedy Club. Hari is happy to be back to a live comedy world, and he discusses thrift-shopping, Bollywood, the state of children’s entertainment, and more.

[02:25:17] Larkin Poe is in the studio! The sisters talk about their musical roots and play some songs, including the world debut of “Strike Gold”! The trio for Casey’s Big Adventure do a quick check-in, with Larkin Poe (virtually) reuniting with Jacky Bam Bam.

[03:09:19] Casey’s Big Adventure reaches Santa Monica! Watch the trio as they achieve the ultimate goal of dipping their toes in the Pacific Ocean. The Bizarre File continues as Preston gives you a glimpse into the gobsmacking.

[03:41:39] The bin of Hollywood Trash gets opened by Steve. In Music News, the Red Hot Chili Peppers release their tribute to Eddie Van Halen, The Day The Music Died: American Pie begins streaming on Paramount Plus, and more.

[03:57:48] The final Casey’s Big Adventure check-in is held, and the gang wraps up with Brent Porche.