Sleep Theory: The Band Who’ll Probably Whoop Your Ass At Mario Cart

Preston & Steve welcomed the members of Sleep Theory ahead of their performance tonight opening for Beartooth at Franklin Music Hall. The members discussed the origin of their band name, life on tour, and their video game skills. They also played live unplugged versions of their singles “Gone or Staying” and “Numb.”  Nine in the morning may not be the best time for a rockstar, but the Memphis-based unit was game. They were equally as game for the show tonight, one of many on the first long tour they’ve been on. Sleep Theory have previously toured with bands such as Shinedown, I Prevail, and Falling in Reverse. Despite their relative youth in the music industry, having only started as a studio project since 2019, they conduct themselves with great professionalism. In fact, Caleb Shomo of Beartooth was surprised about the fact that this was their first major tour.  Together, we broke down Sleep Theory songs. Their acclaimed single, “Numb,” has a tender melody, while still retaining a heavy edge. Not quite a love song, but it definitely has that vibe. A reimagined acoustic version is out now, and it’s so accessible that even Grandma can listen to it!  It's at that moment that the band took their first music break, performing an unplugged version of “Gone or Staying.” The performance is amazing, and ultimately an appetizer for things to come.  Just play heals, man. Leader singer Cullen Moore dove into the origins of this iteration of the band. Moore and bassist Paolo Vergara originally met through a mutual friend on Facebook. They bonded almost instantly, over both music and being video gamers. "I haven't lost a game of Mario Cart since Shinedown," Moore boasted. "Don't listen to him," the rest of the band chimed in. The two tried turning Preston onto Overwatch, "just play heals, man!" That's Healer Mode for those who don't know.  Once the band played their single, “Numb,” we saw in person what all the hype is about. The screaming and the production may be gone, but the emotion and the passion remains. The song blew us away. There’s really no wonder why it’s gone as viral as it has.  The name “Sleep Theory” does sound a little vague, which adds to the coolness factor. We did get Moore to reveal the origin. It was as simple as the band started looking into some sort of scientific name. He Google’d scientific words and saw “REM Sleep” and “Theory”. The rest was history. It's a much better story when you watch the band tell it though. See for yourself by hitting play on the video below, then catch them tonight with Beartooth at Franklin Music Hall! - Boburjon Egamberdiev, The Preston & Steve Show Staff [select-gallery gallery_id="799007" syndication_name="shinedown-best-songs" description="no"]

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