Mike Peters of The Alarm: A Great Conversation

Recently, I had a wonderful and energetic conversation with Mike Peters of The Alarm. Speaking With Mike Peters We spoke at length about his 2023 album Forwards, his ongoing cancer battle, the history of the band, and their relationship with WMMR and America. Mike Peters was supposed to be playing The Phoenixville Theater on May 17th, but, the tour was postponed as Mike's cancer came out of remission. We wish Mike a speedy recovery back to remission. You can keep updated on everything that is happening in The Alarm's world here. Please follow The Alarm on all social media channels. Described by Bono of U2 as “the second greatest rock and roll band in the world”, Mike Peters has been the driving force behind The Alarm for over forty creative years of new music making, and dedication to presenting the band’s classic songs in ways both imaginative and inventive. Sending our best to Mike and Julie Peters. Thank you for listening, Markus [audio mp3=""][/audio]

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