PHOTOS | MMR Traffic Jam Morning Fairies Surprise I-95 Drivers

With traffic jams hitting epic delays after the i95 collapse, The Preston & Steve Show wanted to do something to relieve a little bit of the stress that Philadelphians are experiencing during their morning commute. The plan was to hand out Dunkin’ Donuts and New Jersey Lottery Scratch Offs to people stuck in traffic.   But they also did not want to cause any extra delays. So, the gang chose a spot in the Holmesburg neighborhood of Northeast Philly. Mostly because it checked all the boxes: People detour through that neighborhood and there’s a Dunkin’ nearby. Unlike most Preston & Steve Show events, only one tiny little detail went wrong: there weren’t many people driving through that stretch of road. The crew of MMR Traffic Jam Morning Fairies, a nickname dubbed by host, Radio Sara, handed out gifts to all the cars stopped at the red-light. Drivers were pleasantly surprised by the sweet treats and the sudden lack of traffic in the area. Eventually traffic fluctuated and the crew began to see a lot more commuters, but overall Kathy Romano noted that traffic was lighter that morning. That’s good news in addition to Governor Shapiro’s announcement that 95 will reopen this weekend.

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