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We’re all out mowing lawns and picking up paper routes to save up enough money to buy a PS5 when it comes out this holiday season. Motivated daily by trailers for new games and details Play Station leaks here and there. Preston & Steve did a full round up of the fifteen top games we’ve seen so far:

Fifteen exciting PS5 games we saw this week:

  1. “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales”
  2. “Project Athia”
  3. “NBA 2K21”
  4. “Sackboy: A Big Adventure”
  5. “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart”
  6. “Stray”
  7. “Ghostwire: Tokyo”
  8. “Resident Evil 8/Resident Evil Village”
  9. “Demon’s Souls” (Remake)
  10. “Horizon Forbidden West”
  11. “Bugsnax”
  12. “Deathloop”
  13. “Gran Turismo 7”
  14. “Hitman 3”
  15. “Little Devil Inside”