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“I’m surprised you didn’t mention Linda Fiorentino from Vision Quest who’s from Philly!” 

Believe us, Matthew we have pages of questions we want to ask about Vision Quest, “Stranger Things”,  Pacific Heights, Any Given Sunday, and everything else you’ve had your hands on, but today we were honored to talk just about Full Metal Jacket. For the record, this conversation could have gone on for an hour if we had the time:


For the first time ever, we started talking about the movie even before the guest came on. That’s home important the cultural impact of Full Metal Jacket is to us. We even kept talking after Matthew hung up!

The stories he shared, though: R. Lee Ermey’s bleeding throat from all that yelling and having Stanley Kubrick himself recommend a  camera to use while snapping photos on set, we were in awe! Those photos by the way, are available along with Matthew’s diary from set on Full Metal Jacket Diary, an app they are offering for free in honor of the 4K release of the movie. 

Thank you again for the great conversation, Matthew, we look forward to talking to you for the 4K release of Vision Quest.

Full Metal Jacket, Stanley Kubrick’s acclaimed 1987 Vietnam War masterpiece, is now available on Ultra HD Blu-ray and Digital.