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November 16, 2007

Preston & Steve’s interview with the legendary manager is forever in the history books as one of the most fiery conversations in the show’s history.

The downward spiral didn’t start when Steve addressed the ongoing steroid controversy, or when Preston dove deep into Tommy’s personal attachment to the game, it was mostly just Nick in general.

In his defense, Nick was merely doing his duty as a Phillies fan and defending the game’s most beloved mascot, but Tommy was not having it. And rightfully so. Flashback to this classic Preston & Steve Show with Hall of Famer, Tommy Lasorda:   photos below

There was a pretty funny recap of the interview immediately after Tommy left (technically he wasn’t gone, he was in the kitchen eating tomato and mozzarella). It begins right after the 1:47 mark.

Rest in peace, Bulldog.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tommy Lasorda visits The Preston & Steve Show, November 2007