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The video starts all sweet and cute with Kaitlin Olsen surprising her hubby, Rob McElhenney, with a private concert for his birthday. Until we learn that the band, Imagine Dragons, is actually her favorite band.

Imagine Dragons - Follow You

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It’s still a private concert in a year without live music, so that’s freaking cool. Until… wait… are those sexy eyes for the band… c’mon, your husband is sitting right there.  Air hearts? Flexes? Where did that tattoo come from? Kaitlin starts daydreaming about the band sweatin’ over her and she is here for it.

Rob though, not so much. But, hey, if you can’t beat them, lose your shirt and join them. Mac gets lost in his own thoughts about hopping up on stage with the band, then being the band and being his own version of the band? One thing is clear, our boy can! The dreams start crossing and it’s one, big beautiful mess.

When the song ends the couple grab hands and run out for what seems like is about to be sexy time together, but really they’re just skipping out on the bill.

‘Follow You’ and another single, ‘Cutthroat,’ they released last week, are the first new songs from Imagine Dragons since their 2018 debut album, Origins. No official word on a full album release, but we know it’s coming.

Reminder that Rob and Kaitlin are the coolest couple of all time: