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It finally happening. After years of Bert Kreischer telling us that ‘The Machine’ was going to become a movie, it’s finally happening!

Hear it from the horse’s mouth:

[frame src=”” width=”100%” height=”180″ frameborder=”0″ title=”The Machine movie announcement: Bert calls us from Serbia”]

We learned the news through a post that featured Bert standing in front of a private plane and ended with freaking Mark Hamill:

The film is based on Bert’s notorious story, but, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the plot begins twenty years later. Bert and his father, who will he played by Mark freaking Hamill, are kidnapped by the Russian mobsters who were wronged by the comedian. Legendary, the company backing the movie, describes the movie as The Hangover meets Midnight Run. 

This got real for us when Mark posted this video: