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Earlier this week, The Preston & Steve Show spoke with Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith about his gigs in Stone Harbor this weekend. Ps, not those kind of gigs. The drummer + painter was bringing  his art to Oceans Galleries for a limited exhibition which included meet the artist appearances on Saturday and Sunday.

Chad was doing the interview from his house in Montauk, NY, where he goes with the family when he’s not working. His wife is originally from the area. That explained the story Kathy Romano had heard about the drummer hopping on stage at the Surf Lodge a few years back.

Fast forward to Saturday night at The Windrift in Avalon. The Morning After, who  was playing their first public show at the bar, became the latest band to get a guest appearance from Chad Smith.

From what we can piece together via Instagram, he sat in for Zeppelin’s “Rock & Roll.” Saxophonist, Clifford Morin said they came up with horn lines by Chad’s request. It slapped. Singer Paige Romano wrote, “Ya’ll, I couldn’t make up this sh*t if I tried.”

Paige added in a private conversation: “Chad was SO unbelievably cool! He came up to me and asked to play a song with us and just absolutely killed it as always! He took pics with everyone and gave me a hug before he left! It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Still having trouble processing the whole thing!”

Thanks for making a gloomy weekend at the shore kick ass, Chad.

GALLERY: Red Hot Chili Peppers at Citizens Bank Park