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We’re a sucker for viral cooking videos. Whether we actually try cooking them or not is another story, but they’re fun to watch, share, and talk about.

This one peaked our interest though: making mashed potatoes from potato chips. It makes sense, but is it good? From the video we watched by Sam the Cooking Guy it seemed fairly simple to make. The instructions recommend boiling a bag of chips for three minutes. Pour out any extra water. Then add flavoring to make it… well… flavorful.

How do we try this one without doing any of the work? It just so happens that a brand new breakfast and lunch spot, Pagano’s Market, opened right here in our building and they made the mistake of offering to help us with anything we need.


Producers note: Sam the Cooking Guy will be on The Preston & Steve Show Monday at 9am.

So, we brought this recipe downstairs to our new friend, Chef Paul. He was less than amused. Only because he appreciates food and only wants the best to come out of his kitchen. This is a goof. He obliged though, and, after a few R&D sessions, came up with his version of acceptable.

His kitchen staff created Truffle Mash using Sea Salt Chips and Mesquite BBQ with Cheddar Cheese. They weren’t bad! We wouldn’t bring a dish of it to Thanksgiving dinner, but it was fun to try.

Thank you Pagano’s Market in One Bala Plaza for whipping up this little concoction for us today. We think it’s going to be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Watch Preston & Steve’s Potato Chip Mash taste test: