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She’s a beaut, Clark! The Preston & Steve Show reveled in the opportunity to talk to Chevy Chase once again. It happened ahead of his event, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Screening and Q&A at the Tropicana in Atlantic City this weekend. Preston, Steve and the gang waste no time getting the inside scoop to everyone’s favorite Christmas Movie.  

Chevy talks about how he makes films hoping that people will enjoy them, but he rarely experienced the crowds’ feedback firsthand. Except for that “one time I snuck into a movie theater with Dustin Hoffman” to see fan reactions the comedy icon casually bragged. 

The home used in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is the same home in Lethal Weapon as well as the Wanda Vision series. Although the exterior has changed, the interior remains mostly the same. Chevy tells Preston and Steve that Warner Brothers owns a property of land with about 12 homes on it that they use for several different filming projects. Only one has a toilet hidden in the bushes though. 

Chevy goes through the process of filming the 1989 classic, mentioning how he noticed that there was a toilet placed on the front lawn of the Los Angeles property. The production team moved the toilet before filming. However, during the scene where his character, Clark Griswold, falls off the roof, he subsequently fell onto the toilet that was moved prior.

That’s just a taste of the fabulous stories that Chevy shared about filming the holiday classic. There were tons more, like the little know fact that the attic scene was filmed in a bed and breakfast in Breckenridge. The crew was stuck in Colorado after a blizzard hit when they were filming the opening ski scene. Instead of sitting around, they took over the top floor and improvised the entire scene. 

If you want to learn more Easter eggs and fun facts from grab a ticket for the screening of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and Q&A with Chevy Chase at Tropicana Casino and Resort Atlantic City this Saturday. Tickets are available on 

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