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Bonjour, Delco! Wallingford Native, Allie Wilson,  Competing In The 2024 Paris Olympics 

Delco has an Olympian gearing up for Paris! Allie Wilson, who grew up in Wallingford, qualified for the Women’s 800-meter race with teammates, Nia Akins and Juliette Whittaker.  As of Tuesday morning (7/16) she has been in Dublin and London, competing in races there. Next weekend, she’ll arrive in Paris!  I have to keep going while things are going well!  On the phone, Allie talked to the Preston & Steve Show about being a middle-distance runner, prepping for the Paris 800 meter race, her top competitors, and of course, being from Delco!  Casey heard that the 800 meters is the toughest event in all of track and field and Allie agreed, explaining how the entire stretch is pretty much a sprint - It’s pretty aggressive.  Allie went on to explain how she keeps herself level, as being a part of the crème de la crème of athletes. Trying to enjoy this time in her life is very important. She is also focusing on competing in the races. Right now, Allie is enjoying the ride while making this once-in-a-lifetime experience count.   Watch Allie Wilson on The Preston & Steve Show: https://www.youtube.com/live/a-ysHB-LOTg?si=naJjBU-Txc1TVWAd&t=6476 Of course, Allie is in the mindset of winning but wants to be realistic - never cocky about reaching her goals. She just takes one race at a time because her competitors are very talented!  Her biggest competition? Keely Hodgkinson from Great Britian and Mary Moraa from Kenya. They’ve been the two people who have always been up as medal contenders and winning world championships. Allie might be staying humble, but Steve gave his utmost support!  If it makes you feel any better, I’m gonna guarantee that you’re going to win.  During the interview, Preston questioned Allie’s level of Delco. At first sight, she looks Californian and doesn’t say “phOne” or “hOme” or “wooder”.    Are you Delco tried and true? - I am! I am who I am because I am from Delco!   Casey knew Allie was a Delco girl! As Cardinal O’Hara and Strath Haven High School Alums, they grew up in neighboring areas. Casey knew her Phys. Ed teacher, Mr. Woolery, who never beat Casey in diving!  At this point, everyone from Delco seems to be coming to Paris! Allie’s friends, college friends, family, boyfriend, her parent’s friends etc… There’s a lot of love and support from home.  As for success, Allie just wants to be proud of herself regardless and make every race count.   - Grace Hoath, The Preston & Steve Show Staff

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