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Welcome to the Radio… Uhh… Program Thing? | Preston & Steve Show

Talking can be hard when the programs and the things become the program thing.  Poor Preston had himself an off day.  Preston Elliot’s early morning error on a No Sad Bro Friday hit when saying “A lot of good stuff on our program thing..Program Thing?”   The embarrassment almost instantly hit Preston after the realization came through of what he said.  When speaking on that program thing he does, you know the radio thing?  Either way that radio thing and noticeably glasses less Preston was momentarily struck forgotten by what exactly he was doing on the air after welcoming the listeners back from the break.  Of course, after talking about the radio program thing Steve couldn’t help but poke some fun at poor Presbo.  Throwing on his best 50’s TV anchor voice telling all the good listeners about that news thing, the sports thing, that world thing, and more importantly some murder thing.   Preston forgetting his glasses on top of that radio thing you know that radio thing he’s done for 26 years? With that bald guy Steve, that Kathy chick, that one Delco guy, and that Nick fella, yeah not a bright one for the record books but a good one for the MMaRchive!   https://vimeo.com/935538074?share=copy It's official, Preston can't see without his glasses! [select-gallery gallery_id="993155" syndication_name="matt-marisa-punk-rock-wedding" description="yes"]  

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