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FLASHBACK: Robert Irvine Settles Preston v. Casey’s Great Greek Yogurt Debate

FLASHBACK: Preston & Casey’s relationship is ruined by yogurt  Do you have a co-worker that you sit a less than 18 inches away from for hours every day? Yes. Well, do you also spend your entire day talking about every facet of your life - good and bad? Discussing every little detail for hours upon hours. Seeing every little movement that person makes, admiring every accessory they are wearing, catching every video they are watching, and examining everything that they eat? There aren't many people in this similar situation. But those who are, totally understand. CaseyBoy and Preston Elliot split tight quarters behind the board. One day a few years ago, they had a dispute about Greek yogurt. It could have been a smile and move on moment. But this one lingered. Here's how it started: Every morning Preston eats a Chobani yogurt. Casey wanted his work BFF to give the brand Oikos a try.  Preston declined. The conversation got heated. It wasn't really about yogurt, it was deeper; one friend is open to new suggestions, the other is comfortable in his ways. UPDATE: On January 29, 2024, Casey revealed that yogurt is a food that makes him pucker. Preston asked if that's why the yogurt debate was so intense? When Casey replied yes, there was a moment of clarity. The therapy worked! Relive the Great Yogurt Debate:

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