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Our 5 Favorite Quotes from Sixers' Georges Niang's Convo w/Preston & Steve

The Sixers are Red Hot. They just pulled off a big comeback win over the Grizzlies last night. You could feel the excitement in the building from your living room (if you were watching on TV, of course). Now they have won 28 of their last 34 games. They are definitively in the running for the one seed in the East. They’re even performing well in other escapades; namely, the Dunk Contest. Mac McClung of the Sixers, new Dunk Contest winner, and Philly’s new hero, was in attendance last night as well. It was a fun night for Sixers fans with an electric end that may or may not have kept us from sleeping for a bit.

Late in the morning, 76ers forward Georges Niang stopped by The Preston & Steve Show. Georges could be seen roaming around the halls for a while this morning, too. He made stops The Fanatic Open House broadcast, and to see the voice of your Seven-ty SIX-ers, Matt Cord on WMGK. Georges is a great conversation off the court. Throughout his time with P&S, he spat some wondrous words of wisdom.  Here are our a few of our favorites:

  • “If you can perform in those small, finite moments, the city will build a statue for you.”

    When the 76ers were down a few points in their game against the Grizzlies, they came back in a powerful way. We Philadelphia fans always love that passion and motivation on the part of the players. 

  • “Listen, I’m not like a Ferrari like you guys. I’m more like a minivan. I need a couple of laps around the block before I get to full speed.”

    The etomogy of his nickname, straight from Georges himself. It happened a while back at the end of a game in Utah, and he didn’t quite hit the mark for a dunk. When he was questioned by his teammates,  that was his response to them. Those words stuck. We see you, minivan.

  • “You gotta just continue looking for it, cause eventually you can continue to give yourself an opportunity.”

    This is quote that we all may want to try and live by. The Sixers did this for themselves in last night’s game. As the Grizzlies lost steam, the Sixers heated up. The result? an electric win at The Center. 

  • “Thanks to the Phillies and the Eagles. They’re really putting a lot of pressure on us.”

    With the Phillies, Union, and Eagles all making their national championship games, the 76ers have a trend to uphold, but they have our support all the way! Maybe they can break our *cough* championship curse *cough*.

  • “You put in a ton of work to be the best that you be, not just for yourself but also so that people can appreciate the things you bring.”

    When fans tell Georges that he is their favorite player, that is the thought that goes through his head. The mentality serves him well here in Philadelphia. His hard work does not go unrecognized. At this point, you almost can’t go a full Sixers game without hearing “bang, bang, Niang!” (thanks to the amazing Kate Scott as well).