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“There was no bigger influence on me than Neil and Rush.” – Mike Portnoy

After the news of his death broke, there was only one thing WMMR DJs Preston Elliot & Pierre Robert knew to do: crack the mics and celebrate the life and music of Neil Peart.

During their Sunday afternoon tribute, friend of the radio station, Mike Portnoy called in to share stories about his hero, mentor and friend.

“Neil came out and rose the bar to a whole nother level… I remember just staring at pictures of his drum kit the way most other kids were looking at playboy centerfolds.”

It was a very emotional day for music fans around the world, so to be able to pay tribute to The Professor with an old school, gonzo radio takeover AND get personal insight from Mike made this broadcast extra special.

I’ve known for about two years now and never told a soul… so, sadly, I’ve been fearing this day… I can’t imagine the shock for this to come out of nowhere for most people, I can’t imagine how that would have hit me if I hadn’t known. 

Take a listen to the candid conversation between Mike, Preston and Pierre, skimmed from their 3 1/2 hour afternoon broadcast honoring Neil [podcast of the entire show coming soon]