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Afternoons 3PM - 7PM

Philly, you need a distraction! That’s why the MMR Family decided to get together for a friendly musical competition. We’re calling it Rocktober Madness. Watch your favorite DJs battle over their favorite bands in heated draft to choose the Rocktober Champion!

A printable version of the final bracket is linked below, but before you fill that out it’s important to watch the video to get a sense of why and when each band was drafted to understand the rankings. Plus it’s pretty funny:


Told ya. That was way too fun, and filled with a lot more curses than you usually hear out of our jocks’ mouth. It’s interesting to see each team’s game plan: Brent/Jacky snagged personal favorites away from the other Jocks, Jaxon/Sara said f-you all, Preston/Steve played it safe and strong while Pierre/Pancake were in a world of their own.

We welcome your cheers, comments, chirps and clap backs – but most importantly we need you votes. Bookmark this page or download the WMMR App for easy voting – MMR’s Rocktober Madness presented by Horizon Services. Voting begins on Thursday, 10/1.

Fill out your bracket:

MMR's Rocktober Madness 2020 Bracket Round 1