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Pearl Jam bassist, Jeff Ament, has taken his passion for skateboarding and used it to help the youth community. His foundation, Montana Pool Service, builds world-class skateparks and educates younger generations on the sport.

“Some of these communities, we bring skateboards in and you see [kids] take their first rides. And you can tell by the kid that falls and laughs and gets back up and goes to the top and does it again, that’s the kid that in a year or two you’re gonna come back and he’s going to be tearing the place up.” 

We discuss this “part time job” he has taken on helping the community and how skateboarding has connected him to people throughout different points in his life.

Jeff shared a behind the scenes peek into the Pearl Jam world as well: using the Beatles documentary series as a kickoff to talking about how PJ spends their time in the recording studio.

We learned about how the bassist listens to new music (Eddie’s new single just happened to be the latest new song he’s heard). And, If you are curious about tour rumors, we got a little insight into the band’s plans for 2022 and beyond.

“I haven’t been the guy in the band who’s wanting to go out and tour the whole year… and I can’t wait. I’m really ready to get out.”  

Oh, and Ben Simmons? Jeff has some thoughts on that situation. Enjoy our conversation, we sure did.


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