Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic

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Justin Durner Photography Photography & Chris K. Photography

If you attended the recent Cardboard Classic or saw the multitude of excellent highlight reels, you may remember a pair of young pirates who ended up with a wicked case of ice burn. It turns out that one of those men was Brandon Loreti, a gaming YouTuber better known as The Frustrated Gamer (TFG). On his vlog channel TFG Vlogs, Brandon told the story of his first Cardboard Classic in “I Built The World’s Fastest Cardboard Box!” 

The Doylestown resident was entered into the Classic by his buddy Steve. Their goal was to build the fastest sled in the contest and nab the cash prize of $1,000. The hilarious vlog shows their building and testing processes, transportation difficulties, and interviews with local media and the other contestants. The story of two new, young sled riders quickly got around! 

It turns out that the decision to go shirtless on their turn was to reduce air drag. Of course, it quickly backfired with their wipeout and subsequent ice burn. In a last-ditch attempt to cross the finish line, Brandon and Steve carried their sled to the end, wrapping up their turn at a whopping two minutes and sixteen seconds. 

Regardless of the outcome, their efforts and failures during the Cardboard Classic have remained etched in our memories and on the Internet. The ice-burned pirates will stand alongside the likes of Gene Simmons riding a chicken, the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine,” and Smokey and the Bandit as some of the highlights from the 2023 Classic. 

In addition to TFG Vlogs, you can find more of Brandon’s virtual escapades on his main YouTube channel The Frustrated Gamer. There, he plays a wide array of video games, notably Baldi’s Basics and Minecraft. While you’re at it, you can also check out his wife and fellow gamer Sam’s channel Calamity Sam. 

You make Doylestown proud Brandon! 

Images via Justin Durner Photography Photography & Chris K. Photography