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Kathy Romano may not be known for her cooking, but the girl does know how find great news about food!  Today she made history by delivering the first Female Connoisseur story on The Preston & Steve Show.

It started with The OG Connoisseur sharing details about Nathan’s COVID-safe plans for hosting their annual hot dog eating contest on 4th of July. Inevitably the ketchup debate arose for the millionth time, but Kathy may have found definitive answer. [listen to the podcast below]

Food & Wine reported on a decree from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council denouncing  ketchup as a hot dog topping. According to them the bread should remain dry as well, wiener enthusiasts are supposed to keep all toppings confined to the surface of the meat only. So thank you Kathy for enlightening us with this insight plus seven other food rules most of us are breaking.

7 Rules as Ridiculous as No Ketchup on Hot Dogs:

  1. Steak should never be ordered cooked more than medium rare.
  2. Don’t eat french fries with mayonnaise—this includes aioli.
  3. Adults shouldn’t drink milk.
  4. Never put ice in wine. Even on a hot day. Even if it’s a cheap bottle of rosé.
  5. No cheese on seafood, including when it’s mixed with pasta.
  6. Don’t eat a burger or pizza with a knife and a fork.
  7. Milk must be poured into a cup before the tea.

Besides the show’s break down of this list, today’s Connoisseur segment was all over the place with stories about 7-11 Day, Denny’s, To Go Cocktails, and a whole bunch more. Take a listen: