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Preston and Steve had the opportunity to speak on Zoom with stand-up comedian Marc Maron to promote his new special From Bleak to Dark. Marc was brutally honest in this conversation, telling stories about love and loss, his journey to sobriety, and how he’s been better at stand-up than acting in films no matter how often he’s tried. 


The LA based comedian was Zooming from New York and indulged the gang with updates on new projects, including an upcoming Christmas film with Melissa McCarthy. He tells the gang about how he met Tom Cruise and believed it would lead to more roles. Maron reminisced on being bad at auditioning for roles, and even tells the story of how he auditioned for a role in the Avatar franchise.  


He told the story of how he did not necessarily want the role in the Avatar films because he would have to live in New Zealand for several years, but not to fret- director James Cameron sent him some cigars to let him down gently.  


Maron’s stories did not end there, however. Marc tells the gang about his new special, which touches on the loss of his longtime girlfriend Lynn, who passed away in May of 2020. Maron takes death in a different direction and made it relatable and funny throughout the special. He told Preston and Steve that he believed that everyone lived with this deep fear of death, and that it was important that as a comic he personally could accept death.  


Most importantly, he wanted to be respectful of his late girlfriend throughout the special. Marc turned a tragic loss in his life and made it into a way to unite people through the honest emotional states of loss and grief in a shockingly hilarious way. 


Maron talks about his journey to sobriety, and how the WTF Podcast helped him by giving him an outlet. He said that the core part of his own recovery from alcoholism was talking to other alcoholics. Marc felt like that was an efficient way to help get out of his own head. This was ultimately the premise of his podcast, the WTF Podcast. Just talking to people is cathartic, that’s why he need the podcast to stay sane. The gang took the chance to thank Maron for his nice words about The Preston & Steve Show on the Marc Summers episode. That of course lead to more fun stories.


Marc’s story is not the easiest, but his journey led him back to the place he loves most; the stand-up stage. Marc’s special, “Marc Maron: From Bleak to Dark” is available now on HBO. 

Watch Marc Maron on The Preston & Steve Show:

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