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Delivery drivers are truly one of the backbones of our society. From working in harsh weather conditions, to stopping crimes to help the police, they are always there for us. You might be reading this wondering; how can a delivery driver stop crime? Well, we have the answer. 

On Sunday, while working as a delivery driver for Cocco’s Pizza Aston, Tyler Morell had a bit more than a delivery tip coming his way. Morell, who was actively serving our community by delivering pizza, delivered a taste of justice to go along with it.  

The video that has viral shows Morell at the doorstep of customer Danielle Yeager’s home in Brookhaven. While delivering a Cocco’s pizza, a Kia is seen in the background driving up onto the grass on the opposite side of the road with police cars swiftly following in pursuit. Morell then walks down the entrance of the customer’s home, pizza still in hand, as the driver of the vehicle tries to flee the police. The driver of the vehicle runs in front of Morell, and Morell swiftly trips the person all the while the pizza stays perfectly level in his hand. 

The pizza was perfectly safe, and the police were able to catch the driver they were after. Danielle Yeager told 6ABC that it was a “10/10” delivery. After Yeager’s security doorbell caught the video, it was posted to Facebook by Cocco’s Pizza in Aston, with the caption, “Sorry for the inappropriate language, but we thought it was warranted. Special shoutout to our delivery driver Tyler, who assisted the Brookhaven police today, and STILL delivered the food unharmed!!” 


WATCH: 🍕Cocos Pizza Aston delivery driver finds himself in the middle of a high speed chase. His hands may have been full…. but his quick feet helps stop a suspect fleeing from Brookhaven Police. #delco #pizza

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While Preston and Steve talked about Morell’s heroic act on Monday morning’s show, they received a call from Morell himself. Morell called into the show to talk about the experience first-hand, saying he was trying to keep a firm grasp on a bag of Mozzarella sticks and pizza when he heard the sirens coming behind him.  

Morell’s first reaction was not about the police chase itself, but rather his new car that he recently bought which unfortunately had a flat tire. He, like many car owners, watched on in fear that more damage could happen to his car. After tripping the thief, he let out a solid f-bomb to the guy, stating on the show that it came out naturally.  

Watch Tyler Morell live on 93.3 WMMR:

At the end of the day, he was just happy he didn’t spill anything. Customers around the area are now specifically requesting Tyler for their pizza delivery needs. This Delco legend is one we will never forget.  

It did not take long for Morell to receive the recognition he deserved. From Barstool Sports to news stations across the country, Morell became the Batman other counties could only dream of having. Always remember to tip your delivery drivers, you never know what type of crime they might be stopping in your area. 

7 Things People Who've Moved Out Of This Area Miss About Philadelphia

We get the pain. Sometimes you have to move away. But there will always be things you miss about Philadelphia.

For many reasons, people sometimes have to move away from Philadelphia. It’s a pain like no other, especially for those who’ve been here since birth. It’s one of those things no one can prepare you for until you do it.

The rest of the world isn’t like what we have here. They just don’t do things like we do ’em. From food, to culture, to social scenes, the rest of the world just feels so…weird.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not right, it’s not wrong, it’s just different. Other places are entitled to their own things. But when you’re a lifelong Philadelphian, everything everyone else does feels so foreign. How do you expect a Philadelphian to thrive in an environment that DOESN’T put thinly sliced steak smothered with cheese on a fluffy seeded roll? Or an environment that DOES, but does it SO wrong?

There’s more to the culture shock than cheesesteaks, too. You find yourself in a hostile environment that doesn’t like your favorite sports team. Heck, they may even HATE your favorite sports team! Such blasphemy. They may even hate our icons, like Rocky. They may not have even watched the movie. It’s exhausting.

Others don’t live like we do. So as a Philly transplant in another area of the country or world, you’re bound to miss what we have here. It’s the curse of coming from a great city with rich culture and amazing food. We understand your pain, and hopefully can put it into words for you.

Here are 7 Things people who’ve moved out of this area miss about Philadelphia:

  • A Proper Cheesesteak

    New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies

    Photo By Mitchell Leff/Getty Images for Harlequins

    This one is to be expected, I presume, but it’s so hard to deal with. A lot of places have no IDEA what a cheesesteak is. Some are even turned off by the idea of it. What is there to hate about meat and cheese on a roll? The most offensive scenario, though, is when a shop outside of Philly touts themselves as a “Philly Cheesesteak” place. First of all, if you’re putting the word “Philly” in front of it, you’re probably not authentic. Then you try it, and it’s the most vile excuse for a cheesesteak ever. Can we start up a real cheesesteak mail service maybe?

  • Wawa

    Restaurants Face Increasing Costs As Inflation Remains High

    Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

    Oh, Wawa. How we love you Wawa. Don’t get it twisted, Wawa is expanding. New stores are popping up all over the east coast. But what about those slightly west of us? It must be horrible to not hit up a Wawa on the way to the shore on a hot summer day. Some would even call it torture. Also, when you’re outside of Philly, why does no one call it a hoagie? What is with that? It’s not a sub or a grinder. It’s a hoagie.

  • Being Surrounded By Birds Fans

    Philadelphia Eagles' Fans Gather To Watch Their Team In Super Bowl LII Against The New England Patriots

    Photo By Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

    It is so great to commiserate with all of the other Philly sports fans in this area. The struggles and triumphs. We get each other. We know each other. Wearing an Eagles jersey? You can’t walk down the street without hearing a “go birds!” This goes for all Philly sports teams. You make some pretty instant friends in bars when you start talking about Bryce Harper or the season the Flyers have been having. Plus, the close proximity to all of the stadiums. Our sports complex is unbeaten and accessible. Septa is right there! It’s just so hard to live without. Not to mention, some other cities are hostile to Philly fans. They straight up dislike us. It’s hard to have a “no one likes us, we don’t care” attitude when you’re outnumbered.

  • Real Soft Pretzels

    3rd Annual NASCAR Xfinity Philadelphia Takeover

    Photo By Drew Hallowell/Getty Images for NASCAR

    This is probably not the first thing you’d think you’d miss when moving out of Philly, but when you miss them, you REALLY miss them. Other places just don’t get it right. The pretzels aren’t soft enough. They don’t have enough salt. They don’t have a wide enough variety of dips. People DON’T bring pretzel trays to parties. What? It’s all too much to bear.

  • The Shore

    Jersey Shore Prepares For Memorial Day Weekend And Summer Season

    Photo By Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    Being from Philly you have a certain privilege that you don’t appreciate until it’s gone. We are so close to the shore. Like, so close. If you want to take a random day-trip to Ocean City or Wildwood, you can. Nothing is stopping you. And seriously, there’s nothing like the Jersey Shore. In the middle of the country, you physically can’t get to the ocean. You have to settle for swimming in lakes and rivers. How sad is that? We are so lucky to have our boardwalks and all that comes with the shore so close to us.

  • New Years Day Celebrations

    Jacky Bam Bam Mummers Parade 2023

    Photo By Jacky Bam Bam

    Newsflash. Outside of Philly, pretty much no one celebrates New Years Day. As in, all the parties are the night before and they all relax the next day. Its insanity. How does nowhere else have Mummer culture like we do? That is a STAPLE of our existence. Like, what do you mean people don’t go out and drink, and stand in the cold, and watch brightly colored, costumed humans strut down the street? The Mummers Parade is so fun, whether you participate in person or not. And yeah, you can’t even get it on TV elsewhere. Ludicrous.

  • Our Beloved City Icons

    Philadelphia Museum of Art Decorated Ahead of NFC Championship Game

    Photo By Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

    There are so many people and places and characters that give this city its unique identity. Take Reading Terminal Market for example. You have to go there as a Philadelphian. It’s a must. But that doesn’t exist elsewhere. Just like the Art Museum steps and Rocky. There’s nothing like it anywhere else. We claim Will Smith, The Boss, Kevin Bacon, Frank Rizzo, for Pete’s sake. We are a gritty city filled with brotherly love. You can’t get it anywhere else.

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