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The gang had the pleasure of speaking with Stephen A. Smith today in the studio. Stephen was in talking about his new book “Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes.”  

This book had to wait some time to be written, apparently, as Smith’s mother had requested that he not write the book until she passed. His respect for his mother is paramount, and shared a great story with the gang about how his mother presented him with a mirror with his breakfast for him to reflect on himself as a person and how his experience was at ESPN after he has been dropped by the network. “I wouldn’t have taken it as seriously if it didn’t come from her,” Smith said. That advice went a long way, and he is back with ESPN, as we know. 

Stephen A. Smith also made a point of talking about his fiery persona and how it impacts him in day-to-day life. No matter where he goes people want to debate him. His advice? You should never take the bait, and when you are wrong, apologize. “I don’t care what you do or who you are, I get paid to debate I don’t do it for free,” Smith quipped on the air. 

We asked his opinion on Philly sports right now as well since, frankly, it’s SUPER important right now with that big old playoff game happening on Saturday against our rival, the Giants. Smith described them as the team that can go anywhere, anytime, and beat anybody. He believes the Eagles success all comes down to Jalen Hurts. “If he’s there,” Smith said “you win. but if he is compromised, the Giants have a chance to win.” At the end of the day, he expects our Birds to bring home the victory. Honestly, we think he’s REQUIRING it.  

“They’re gonna win this damn game.”

In terms of the Sixers, Stephen A. believes their biggest threat is the Miami Heat. Jimmy Butler knows the team and he knows how to beat us.  

Stephen A. was so great to talk to his insight is unmatched. We can’t wait to tear through his book and learn more about him! 

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