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The gang is excited about talking with ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ pop star, Tiffany. She comes in from Nashville, TN for an event tonight at City Winery in Philadelphia. Before we get to hear the popular hits, the gang reminisce about the last time they saw her perform at one of her concerts. They were amazed with the whole performance, and said it was one of the best shows they have seen. 

Tiffany tells the guys that she has been working nonstop over the years. Along with putting out 11 albums, she was also in a sci fi movie called Mega Python vs Gatoriod. Experiencing different parts of herself and talent, Tiffany looks forward to what else is in the works for her.  

At only 15 years old, Tiffany talks about what it was like at a young age to experience fame, while also being restricted. As she experimented with multiple genres, she talks about almost being dropped from her record label. It was tough for her music to be played in rock clubs, especially because she wasn’t allowed to be there. Singing in malls and doing hair shows was the way for her to start and show case her music to not only adults, but also others who were also her age.  

Being so young and in the spotlight, it wasn’t just the fame that was tough for her at that age. Tiffany opens up about the struggles she faced with her family, especially her mom. Her relationship between her and her mom was an ongoing battle, that eventually led Tiffany to make the decision to legally be emancipated. She looks back and says that was the best decision, and everyone was able to grow closer. 

Excited to hear her sing, Tiffany starts off her performance with her song ‘You’re My Everything’ from her ‘Shadows’ album. After the emotional performance, Tiffany mentions she has family right here in Philadelphia. For the past few years Tiffany has been working with a holistic coach due to lung sickness. She says home remedies and acupuncture helped her tremendously during this time. 

To end the show off with an unforgettable performance, Tiffany performs her number one hit ‘I Think We’re Alone Now.’ The gang admires her voice and is in awe after a memorable performance.  

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